High Speed Doors & Sectional Doors
At Ruifield security systems we are specialists in designing, maintaining, and installing a wide range of high speed and sectional doors for interior or exterior use, with a choice of operating systems to suit your requirements.
Secure sectional & high speed doors
Sectional doors are a reliable, secure option for high usage entrance and exits. Insulated and sound proof and available in a range of colours. We offer comprehensive site survey’s in order to provide you with the best bespoke entrance system to meet your business needs and budget.
High speed doors are a reliable energy saving option, with fast opening and closing speeds they help to maintain controlled environments in high traffic areas including temperature control, vermin control, noise reduction and dust control.
As a result, they are one of our most popular products.
Our engineers are trained to ensure that your industrial doors comply safely with current regulations.

•    Sectional overhead doors
•    Sectional vertical doors
•    Panoramic sectional doors
•    Flexi high speed doors
•    Belt high speed doors
•    Roller high speed doors