Fire Exit Doors

Fire Exit Doors
At Ruifield security systems we supply and install a wide selection of exit doors to suit the needs of your site, ensuring a clear reliable exit point for pedestrians and staff whilst maintaining your sites security needs alongside other requirements such as noise reduction, thermal proficiency and air flow.
Our Range
Our range includes standard sizes and bespoke size options, corrosion resistant, single or double leaf with a choice of RAL colour finish options and features as below;
Fire rated doors can prevent fire and smoke from spreading throughout the building to allow time for a safe exit.
Security doors can offer security peace of mind for your business, features include anti-drill, burglar proofing, and attack resistive technology, to withstand and protect against serious attacks from heavy duty and abrasive power tools.
When air flow is vital, Louvre doors and panels to allow up to 50% airflow from any given panel, whilst maintaining security for your building.

To maintain noise control Acoustically rated steel doors have noise reduction technology to help to keep sound in or out, perfect for noise sensitive environments such as music and recording studios, churches, nightclubs and bars.

Thermally rated steel doors can be used externally and internally, offering thermal control to help to regulate the temperature of your site in specific areas.
Our experienced engineers can be trusted to recommend and install the correct door solution to suit your sites requirements.

•    C E marked and manufactured to RSA standards
•    Fire rated doors
•    Personnel doors
•    High security doors
•    Air flow, noise and thermal regulating door options.
•    Standard sizes as well as bespoke sizes available
•    Choice of RAL colour options for door finish