Automatic Doors

Automatic Doors
At Ruifield security systems we are specialists in automatic door design, installation, and maintenance on a wide range of automatic doors for interior or exterior use, with a choice of operating systems to suit your requirements.
We always ensure the correct safety devices are installed for your peace of mind.
Our Range
Our product range includes; automatic swing doors, sliding doors, Bi parting and folding doors as well as revolving doors, with an extensive choice of activation and safety to complement.
Our engineers are trained to ensure that your automatic doors comply safely with current regulations.
From larger scale architectural projects to individual shopfront and single door leafs, we offer our clients a comprehensive service from project start to finish.
Our clients include high street retailers, banks, schools, universities, business office premises and more.

•    Automatic swing doors
•    Automatic bi parting doors
•    Automatic folding doors
•    Automatic curved doors
•    Automatic telescopic doors
•    Automatic balance doors
•    Automatic revolving doors